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“Working with 3C has led to decision making which quite simply would not have happened without Mark’s input.” 


Tom Owens 

Managing Director
J&J Bannister (Evesham) Ltd 


J&J Bannister (Evesham) Ltd



Working with 3C

Strategic Planning

Financial Control
Sales Management



Mark Robins has worked with Bannister since 2014. His input has been mainly at the strategic level helping challenge conventions and the business has grown to over £6M turnover.


Bannister has found that working with 3C brings a quite different approach and perspective and this has led to decision. “Having a somebody to bounce ideas off, who also is keen on proving ideas in financial terms leads to increased confidence in change and I feel also represents a reduction in risk.“


Mark’s role at Bannister fulfils a Non-Exec Director role and his experience means that when tackling high level or details issues, the company benefits from his growing knowledge of the business and an objective external perspective.


“3C approached us, and until then I didn’t appreciate that this kind if expertise was out there, and I can certainly recommend using Mark.”



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