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Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd


Corporate fine art and print sales

Working with 3C

Monthly Priorities

Strategic Planning

Financial Control

Sales Management 


3C have worked with Contemporary Art Holdings and MD Celia Duplock for many years. Business growth has always centred around a structured monthly review, focussing on financial control and improving business performance. A bespoke system of analysis is employed to inform robust strategic plans.


Although Contemporary Art Holdings have a strong background in sales they find 3C’s fresh perspective in this area essential to ongoing development.


“I have found Mark to be committed and enthusiastic in helping develop the business … he is the ideal non-executive consultant for companies finding expansion and development a daunting prospect.”


In a constantly fluctuating marketplace, 3C are there for the downs as well as the ups and encourage a tactical and pragmatic approach to managing the essential changes needed to counter any downturns in the market.


“I see Mark’s involvement with Contemporary Art Holdings as long-term and his input is equally effective through the invariable peaks as the troughs any business may encounter.”


“In the first year of working with 3C our sales grew by 50% with a 12% increase in net profits.”


Celia Duplock

Managing Director

Contemporary Art Holdings Ltd 



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