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“From the outset we became aware of the difference in 3C’s approach and breadth of experience”


Richard Fellows


Quattro Design Architects


Quattro Design Architects



Working with 3C

Strategic planning

Financial Performance

People Development

Sales Management

Organisational restructuring



Quattro appointed 3C in the spring of 2014 to consult on strategic planning and ongoing business development. The company were poised to make changes at the highest level – including recruitment of senior personnel. At this critical time, Quattro knew they needed to manage significant cultural shifts within the company that these changes would bring. Throughout this process, 3C was there to advise and give guidance, maintaining a holistic perspective on the company’s business performance.


Mark has helped Quattro develop a business plan for the next 5 years: to grow sales and profits year-on-year with a continued emphasis on financial goals. 

“Mark has enabled us to commit to targets, but also to acknowledge and overcome internal structure issues which may have limited growth in certain areas of the business.”


Today, Mark’s role in Quattro’s business activity is integral – his input has shifted from a consultant and advisor to fulfilling the function of a Non-Executive Director.


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