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Glevum Security Ltd


Glevum Security Ltd

Working with 3C

Monthly priorities

Strategic planning

Organisational restructuring

Financial control


Glevum Security Ltd is one of Gloucestershire’s leading security companies and have worked with 3C since 2005. Over this time turnover has increased from £912K to £2.4M and Mark Robbins’ involvement has played an important role in this growth. 


Regular rigorous review and analysis with Glevum directors keeps business plans on track both immediate and long-term. "Our work with Mark is very important  – we take time out once a month to looking at sales, finances and operational matters in a structured, organised way.”


Mark has run staff workshops, which in turn have contributed to improved service and delivery quality. Dealing with the detail and focussing on continuous improvement is another key component of 3C’s work with Glevum.


3Cs fresh perspective is a crucial part of Glevum’s business growth. “Mark always encourages us to look at the business with an alternative perspective and helping us to rationalise and action important decisions.”


“Mark has helped us to stay competitive, to grow and to move forward.”


Steve Barnett

Joint Managing Director 
Glevum Security Ltd


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